Sugashak – Sunshine Daze (CD Review)

Sugashak and General Levy bring you a follow up to their Ali quoting hit ‘The Greatest’ with a radical reinterpretation of Osibisa’s ‘Sunshiny Day’. The original has been thrashed with the house music stick to within 12 inches of its life and now sports a classic house beat to accompany the percussion of the original and General Levy taking things a notch higher with his vocals. This is faultless house and floor filling in proportions.

Buy Sunshine Daze from

Buy Sunshine Daze from

There are a multitude of mixes available from the sparse dancehall tinged Dirty Box mix, the hardcore pounding of the Trick or Treat mix and the more industrial elements that creep pleasantly into the Zooloo mix.

Label : Eminence

Release Date : 11 July 2005

Website :


  • Sunshine Daze (Original Mix)
  • Sunshine Daze (Extended Club Mix)
  • Sunshine Daze (Dirty Box Mix)
  • Sunshine Daze (Trick Or Treat Mix)
  • Sunshine Daze (Zooloo Mix)
  • Sunshine Daze (Radio Edit)

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