Subtle – F.K.O. (Fuck Kelly Osbourne) (CD Review)

Subtle are a sextet from San Francisco built around two key members Jel (keyboard and sampling wizard) and Doseone (who gained a name for himself through his involvement with Anticon records, the late cLOUDDEAD and as a solo artist). ‘FKO’ combines elements of acoustic rock, deep bassed beats, left-field electronica and vocals that have been described as poetry to music. The vocals themselves are slick, fast and delivered with a style that is half hip-hop and half beat poet. The combination is fantastic.

F.K.O. [12″ Vinyl] from Amazon
There are excellent remixes from B.Fleischmann and Console. Fleischmann strips the track back and adds a Warp style clickno backing while Console takes the house route and delivers a far more dance centred interpretation. This single is the first of three that are planned for release from the new album ‘A New White’ (Due October 4, 2004).


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Each of these singles is accompanied by a video from an animation team called SSSR; when combined, the three films make a complete short movie of their own. You can catch the first instalment below.

Label : Lex Records

Release Date : 27 September 2004

Website :

Video Link : F.K.O. [Quicktime .mov 20.7 MB]


  • A01. F.K.O.
  • A02. F.K.O. (B.Fleischmann Remix)
  • B01. F.K.O. (Console Remix)
  • B02. F.K.O. Instrumental
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