Subtle – A New White (CD Review)

This experimental and still listenable, cocktail of jazz, folk, hip hop, ambient and much more is the debut album from San Francisco’s Subtle. There are mellow beats throughout this absorbing disk, and it holds itself together very well when you consider what a breadth of influences it holds. ‘A New White’ is rich with textures that make this more of an art piece than a normal album.


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Subtle’s blending of a rolling style of rapid-fire lyrical rapping that almost bleeds into the bass and angelic synths and samples that surround them (‘FKO’). This contrasts well with the clickno influenced ‘Eyewash’ or the tension fuelled tracks like ‘Hand Replacement’ and ‘Red, White & Blonde’.

Label : Lex Records

Release Date : 18 October 2004

Website :


  • Song Meat
  • I [heart] LA
  • The Long Vein Of The Law
  • Red, White & Blonde
  • Silence
  • the Hook
  • F.K.O.
  • Eyewash
  • Hand Replacement
  • She
  • Stiff Fruit

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