Stellastarr* – My Coco

The band that is surely New York’s hottest export are releasing one of the many explosive tracks from their eponymous debut album. ‘My Coco’ perfectly combines West Coast harmonies, high-strung vocals, frenetic energy, dancability and effortless chic. As singles go, it is rare to find such great rock, blissfully unburdened by grave worthiness, and such great pop, catchy without the prospect of being irritating. The title track is
accompanied by the understated majesty of ‘Underdressed’ and the eerie acoustic version of ‘In The Walls’. As an additional bonus, as if you’d need one, the videos for both ‘In The Walls’ and ‘My Coco’ are also included.

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Label : BMG

Release Date : 8 March 2003

Website :


  • My Coco
  • Underdressed
  • In The Walls (acoustic)
  • In The Walls (Video)
  • My Coco (Video)
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