Squarepusher – Venus No.17

The eclectic and often extreme Squarepusher has lost none of his ability to surprise and disorientate. A title like ‘Venus No. 17’ may suggest a song about lipstick but this is far from in-store muzak. Made up of one part sirens, one part edgy and twisted drum and bass with a final third adding mashed euphoria – this single is amongst the more accessible of Squarepushers output. Even at the brink of chaos this never loses sight of its musical core.

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The Acid Mix of ‘Venus No. 17’ adds greater vocal samples and what sounds like Space Invaders launching a final attack into the pot before morphing the track into a rapid-fire blend of clickno with a glitchy topping. It is as all consuming as the original, but with the sharp edges safely removed.

Changing tack for the last of the three tracks, ‘Tundra 4’ has a cinematic feel that is energised by ever-growing beats. This is similar to the more upbeat of M83’s recent tracks, both in mood as well as scope.

Label : Warp

Release Date : 19 July 2004

Website : www.warp.com


  • Venus No. 17
  • Venus No. 17 Acid Mix
  • Tundra 4

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