Speedreader – In A Way We’re All Winners (CD Review)

Rising from the ashes of the much loved, and oft misspelt, band Caiaphas are the phoenix like Speedreader. And like a phoenix there is magic and fire in abundance from the Midlands based quartet. Compared to their last outing (‘The Crush Ep’) they have developed their sound to include a theatricality and a new electro fuelled dimension that suits them perfectly. A vocal style, reminiscent of Paul Linehan (Frank & Walters) or Craig Walker (Power of Dreams), powerfully renders the lyrics while dramatic vistas are drawn by the keyboards, guitars and drums.

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The new blend of sounds and experimentation add so much depth to the bands sound – from the electro beginnings of ‘Note To Self’, the ethereal backing to ‘Small Print’ and the tense exposure of ‘Wait On Amber’. The band are back on the road now so make sure you catch them at either The Island (Stafford on the 25th March) or The Actress and Bishop (Birmingham on the 29th April). Be sure to check their website for updates.

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