Space Cowboy – Across The Sky (CD Review)

‘Across the Sky’, taken from the album of the same name, is a retro slice of pop dance that, in the Radio edit version, is one of the most godawful things I have heard this year. The saving grace of this single is that the latter mixes dispense with the cluttering guitars and whiny vocals and provide a solid track. The eighties retro sound is still loud and clear but is clearly moderated by the present day. The best of the mixes available would have to be the Miss Frenchie version that adopts a very French downtempo approach.

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The chopped up and playful Duck Rock remix is entertaining and interesting as it takes the track apart and presents it back in instalments.

Label : Tigertrax

Release Date : 31 October 2005

Website :


  • Across The Sky (Radio Edit)
  • Across The Sky (Extended Club Mix)
  • Across The Sky (Stadium Rockers Mix)
  • Across The Sky (Miss Frenchie Mix)
  • Across The Sky (Duck Rock Mix)

Space Cowboy is Nick Dresti.

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