Souls Vibrating In The Universe – All These Worlds Are Yours (CD Review)

As the bands name will surely suggest to you, if not scream at you, this album is earnest, spaced out and moody fare. Although not without some charm and certainly listenable it begs to be taken seriously and I found it hard to take at times. ‘All The Worlds Are Yours’ is a luxuriantly produced album. The persistent slow droning of the singer can get tiresome and when they decide to make some noise it is a jolting attack against the airy plodding. Some of the tracks work well enough; but none stand out sufficiently for me to recommend them. You can find out more about Souls Vibrating In The Universe from their label site.

Label : Middle Name Danger Records

Release Date : 01 October 2005

Website :


  • Engines On
  • Drums Come In
  • …Duck
  • Stars Everywhere
  • Zircon 5
  • Universal Will To Become
  • Reap Happiness

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