Sons & Daughters – Taste The Last Girl (CD Review)

Sons & Daughters are growing on me with every listen. I must admit to being initially unimpressed but I have been won over by the country punk rock cocktail that makes the Sons & Daughters sound as well as being drawn in by the passionate spite that gushes forth from Adele and Scott. ‘Taste The Last Girl’ is no exception, it rocks with a bass heavy lilt and the dark vocals keep it further from the light. It’s a perfect song to be angry to or just to throw yourself about to.

Buy Taste The Last Girl from
Buy Taste The Last Girl from

As an aside, there is a tiny bit of guitar that is played at about 1 min 50 sec into this song that REALLY reminds me of the intro to another song, very possibly from the 80’s. If you know what song I mean then let me know before it drives me MAD…

Label : Domino

Release Date : 15 August 2005

Website :


  • Taste The Last Girl
  • Stranger Song
  • Taste The Last Girl (Video)

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