Sons And Daughters – The Repulsion Box (CD Review)

Taking an edgy approach to what could otherwise be another Detroit style cod Northern Soul collection are Glasgow’s Sons & Daughters. The verve and power behind the strident vocals of Adele Bethel and Scott Paterson as they pursue hard edged egregious rockabilly with pure unadulterated spite. It’s great stuff. This is an album you can get angry to, get sweaty to, get caught up in and taken over by.

Buy Repulsion Box from

Buy Repulsion Box from

The recent single ‘Dance Me In’, although a good song itself is nowhere near the best that Sons & Daughters have to offer. The Celtic influences that creep in on tracks like ‘Choked’ make for magical listening. Then the contrast between explosive guitars and almost naked singing makes for an affecting listen in ‘Hunt’.

Label : Domino

Release Date : 06 June 2005

Website :


  • Medicine
  • Red Receiver
  • Hunt
  • Dance Me In
  • Choked
  • Taste The Last Girl
  • Monsters
  • Rama Lama
  • Royally Used
  • Gene

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