Sonic Youth – Sonic Nurse

Now in their 23rd year, Sonic Youth are releasing what will be their 19th album since the release of ‘Daydream Nation’ way back in 1988. ‘Sonic Nurse’ is a tension fuelled collection. There are stresses and strains in every note and every word. Strangely, for all that, the album is as likely to get you up and going as it is to give you something to chill out to. What Sonic Youth have created is a languid, but troubled collection. It is also undoubtedly brilliant.

From the opening squeals one of the albums most energised numbers, ‘Pattern Recognition’, the bar of quality is set high. Following this is the laid back and stressed out ‘Unmade Bed’ providing a contrast. Next there is a barrage of complete feedback that slides gracefully into the silky ‘Dripping Dream’. The bizarrely titled ‘Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream’ is a brief return to angsty and confrontational form; then the slow build up for ‘Stones’ leads you into one of the great tracks from this album whose pace and intensity increases throughout. In ‘Dude Ranch Nurse’ we are treated to a blend of deep bass and subdued, but still squealing guitars, for a sultry and satisfying 5 minutes.

A gathering pace and teasing guitars mark the start of ‘New Hampshire’ which resolves into brilliant and fiery rock by the close. The theme is continued for the explosive ‘Paper Cup Exit’, which is an especially tense track. Then the glitchy intro and whispered vocals of ‘I Love You Golden Blue’ cast their mesmeric effect before he heavy beats and light guitars of ‘Peace Attack’.

Finally, the UK version of the album comes with the moody instrumental ‘Kim Chords’ as a bonus.

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Label : Geffen

Release Date : 07 June 2004

Website :


  • Pattern Recognition
  • Unmade Bed
  • Dripping Dream
  • Kim Gordon And The Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
  • Stones
  • Dude Ranch Nurse
  • New Hampshire
  • Paper Cup Exit
  • I Love You Golden Blue
  • Peace Attack
  • Kim Chords (Exclusive to UK)

The 2004 line up of Sonic Youth members is Kim Gordon (guitar, bass, vocals), Thurston Moore (guitar, vocals), Lee Ranaldo (guitar, vocals), Steve Shelly (drums) and Jim O’Rourke (good times).

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