Sonic Youth – Rather Ripped (CD Review)

Sonic Youth are amazing. Their ability to create compelling and fresh sounds that have immediacy, verve and passion. ‘Rather Ripped’ is another testament to that skill. There is a solid alternative rock power that pervades every song. This album contains bright jangly numbers (on the surface) to dance to like ‘Reena’, ‘Incinerate’ and ‘What A Waste’. Meanwhile there are more moody and languid tracks like ‘Do You Believe In Rapture?’ and ‘Turquoise Boy’. There is plenty of sweetness and noise for all occasions here.

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With Jim O’Rourke away studying Japanese language and film the other floor have proven themselves more than able to cope until Jim returns. ‘Rather Ripped’ is a superb album that deserves to be in everyone’s collection.

Label : Geffen

Release Date : 12 June 2006

Website :


  • Reena
  • Incinerate
  • Do You Believe In Rapture
  • Sleepin’ Around
  • What A Waste
  • Jams Runs Free
  • Rats
  • Turquoise Boy
  • Lights Out
  • Neutral
  • Pink Steam
  • Or
  • Helen Lundeberg
  • Eyeliner

Sonic Youth are Thurston Moore (guitar, vocals), Kim Gordon (bass, guitar, vocals), Lee Ranaldo (guitar, vocals) and Steve Shelley (drums).

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