Sonic Youth – Corporate Ghost

Twenty-three videos to songs that are classics from an act that have been creating, influencing and pushing the boundaries of music for, coincidently, twenty-three years. The songs and the imagery used in the videos combined lets you see the full scope of the strident and effortlessly cool output of Sonic Youth. The tracks range from the melodic to the chaotic and all points in between. The emotions conjured are a mixture of the defiant and the exposed rendered in a uniquely raw sound that so many bands have tried to imitate.


The bonus features, a usual source of disappointment on music DVDs, are varied and extensive. A full three hours of additional commentary from the band and the video directors is available to listen to; these provide insights into the trials and tribulations, the errors and epiphanies as well as glimpses of the creative processes. This is more than just gratuitous chat and gives a fuller picture of Sonic Youth as rounded artists. There is also a selection of fan contributions in the shape of a diary of a schoolgirl fan undertaking a project to paint a whole wall of her bedroom with a Sonic Youth mural and videos made for a Sonic Youth competition. All of this extra material is well worth a look.

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The video collection is to be completed by another DVD (title and release date unknown) that will contain, in the bands own words, their ‘pre-sellout’ videography from their days on independent labels.

Label : Geffen

Release Date : 14 June 2004

Website :

DVD Features

    Video’s for…

  • Dirty Boots
  • Tunic (Song For Karen)
  • Mary-Christ
  • Kool Thing
  • Mote
  • My Friend Goo
  • Disappearer
  • Mildred Pierce
  • Cinderella’s Big Score
  • Scooter & Jinx
  • Titanium Expose
  • 100%
  • Sugar Kane
  • Youth Against Fascism
  • Bull In The Heather
  • Superstar
  • Little Trouble Girl
  • The Diamond Sea
  • Sunday
  • Hoarfrost
  • Nevermind (What Was It Anyway)
  • The Empty Page
  • Disconnection Notice
    Bonus features include…

  • Sonic Spiel – The great and the good talk Sonic
  • Spike’s Eye – Spike Jonze goes through his photographic and video history with Sonic Youth
  • My Sonic Room – A big fan makes a Sonic Youth bedroom
  • plus fan video’s, playlist selector, commentries from Sonic Youth and the video directors

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