Sondre Lerche – Faces Down

From Bergen, home of Royksopp and Kings of Convenience, comes Sondre Lerche. Already a big name in France, Spain, Italy and his native Norway, he has been likened to a cross between Bowie and Badly Drawn Boy.

This album is a wonderful and imaginative piece of work that grabs you straight away and takes you along for a whimsical ride. The songs are beautifully crafted into faultless gems. Such that it was with a tinge of sadness that I finally took ‘Faces Down‘ out of my stereo to review something else. There are elements of so many things here Zero 7‘s chilled out rhythm, Simon & Garfunkle‘s lyrical poetry, Andy Williams‘s cool swing, The Beautiful South‘s wit and humour, and so on. Yet it sounds fresher than all of them. Sondre is creative and playful throughout with his mastery of lyrics and ear for a catchy tune. He also sings a lot like, if you can imagine it, a cheerful Thom Yorke – although more often the likeness is made to David Bowie.

There is a relaxing, almost Rat Pack like, feel to a lot of the album. It has its moments of indie rock, pop extravagance and acoustic soulful-ness as well. The comparisons to Badly Drawn Boy are well made.

A joy to listen to and a sure-fire classic.

Label : Virgin Records

Release Date : Out Now

Website :




  • [01] Dead Passengers
  • [02] You Know So Well
  • [03] Sleep On Needles
  • [04] Suffused With Love
  • [05] Side Two
  • [06] Modern Nature
  • [07] Virtue And Wine
  • [08] On and Off Again
  • [09] No One’s Gonna Come
  • [10] All Luck Ran Out
  • [11] Things You Call Fate






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