Sluts Of Trust – We Are All Sluts Of Trust

After making a considerable splash on the Glaswegian gig scene the Sluts of Trust, John McFarlane and Anthony O’Donnell, are releasing their debut album. They have a brand of the blues that, like the Immortal Lee County Killers or a cut down version of the Dirtbombs (well, there are only two of them), manifests itself more like a primal force than a musical style.

The Sluts are as raw and edgy as any band you’ll have heard. Their buzzing and distorted tunes made of savage drums and jagged guitars are big on drama. The impact of the sweary, leering and often menacingly sexually charged abandon they conjure continues to from start to finish. There is no insecurity or moaning about love and life here. They know what they want, they know how to get it and they are going to tell you about it. Resistance to the Sluts of Trust is, if not futile, certainly ill advised.

Label : Chemikal Underground

Release Date : 26 April 2004

Website :


  • That’s Right… That Cat’s Right
  • Piece O’ You
  • Tighter Than The Night
  • Leave You Wanting More
  • Lets…
  • The Continuing Struggle Between The Dirty And The Smooth Starring Admiral Flannel And The Duke Of Blag
  • Graetest Gift
  • Dominoes
  • Meanwhile In Rocksville
  • Pirate Weekend

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