Singles Reviews – 10 November 2003

Here is a round up of the singles I have been sent that are out this week.

  • Clearlake – Can’t Feel A Thing
  • The All American Rejects – The Last Song
  • Stereophonics – Since I Told You It’s All Over

Clearlake – Can’t Feel A Thing

Clearlake are not happy. Something is getting them down I think. It cannot be the praise for ‘Cedars’, the album that this single is taken from, as their second album is doing rather well. Whatever the cause the result is the raucously chorused and generally strung out ‘Can’t Feel A Thing’. This spiral of descent is actually a spiritual high point when compared to the B-sides. ‘We All Die Alone’ starts with pounding drums and a rolling bassline while above it all the cries of woe circle. If that hasn’t got you reaching for the razor blades then the lonely strains of ‘I Want To Walk’ is sure to clinch the deal. Clearlake have created a fine little collection here; just don’t listen too closely to the lyrics…

Label : Domino

Website :



  • Can’t Feel A Thing
  • We All Die Alone
  • I Want To Walk

The All American Rejects – The Last Song

Beginning with what sounds like an eighties electropop homage before the familiar bog standard pop-rock refrains of the actual song begin. Halfway through a protracted and quite nasty synth interlude provides the only change in momentum. As you may have guessed, I am not impressed with All-American Rejects; there is nothing original, exciting or especially noteworthy about them or their music. I know many people who really like this kind of rock and will thrash themselves about to it with manic glee. But I just don’t see it and find myself hoping ‘If only this was their last song.’

Label : Doghouse Records

Website :



  • The Last Song (Edit)
  • Time Stands Still (Bedroom Demo Versioin)
  • Why worry (Bedroom Demo Version)
  • The Last Song (Video)

Stereophonics – Since I Told You It’s Over‘Since I Told You It’s Over’ is the latest single to be taken from the number one album ‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back’. It is a waltzing ballad that will warm the heart of manys a fan. Included on the first of the CD pair are a couple of live acoustic reworkings namely the previous hit ‘Madame Helga’ and ‘Nothing Precious At All’. Both of these are quite hard to tell apart from studio versions, but are a different take on the tracks nonetheless.

The Stereophonics are on tour in the UK all through November.

Label : V2 Music

Website :

Tracklisting CD 1

  • Since I Told You It’s Over (Single Version)
  • Nothing Precious At All (Live Acoustic Version)
  • Madame Helga (Live Acoustic Version)

Tracklisting CD 2

  • Since I Told You It’s Over (Demo)
  • Jealousy (Demo)
  • I Miss You (Demo)

Tracklisting DVD

  • Since I Told You It’s Over (Live From Glasgow Barrowlands)
  • Maybe Tomorrow (Live Acoustic Version)

Tracklisting 7″

  • Since I Told You It’s Over (Single Version)
  • Maybe Tomorrow (Live Acoustic Version)

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