Singing Lions – The Complete & Utter!

With “The Complete and Utter!” (damgood231) the Singing Loins entire output is on the modern compact disc format: 50 lo-fi trash-folk greats, documented in all their raw glory. These recordings are re-mastered from the production dats that were made from the original masters. Listed chronologically they represent four of six albums.

The Loins formed around Christmas time 1990.  Brod had been fronting various line-ups of a group for ten years, but after a couple of scrapes with wanky major labels he decided to strip it all down to an acoustic duo with then bass player Chris (Arfur) Allen. Arfur hadn’t written before, but was a fine acoustic player with a genuine rootsy feel, stemming from his Irish upbringing. They just wanted to write honest, bare songs, outside of any particular style, just songs, whatever that means.  They coined the phrase “Authentic raw folk from the Medway delta” and started playing what local pubs and clubs would have them. There were a few good souls who at least admitted they couldn’t decide if it was “shit, or brilliant.” At the time, Billy was helping Brod edit his first collection of poetry for publication on Hangman Books. He liked the songs and attitude and offered to put an LP out on Hangman records. So, as soon as they were written, the first dozen songs were taken to his house in May Road,  Rochester, on a summer afternoon in ’91. Chatting in the kitchen at the time were Bruce, Kyra and Holly, who were also roped in. Billy recorded on a circa 1960 Revox half-track — Billy would set the levels as loud and trebly as they would go, turn the clunking great knob to start the tape, and dash into the bog to join in with the general stamping, bashing and singing.  By ’96 it was all done bar the shouting and 2004 the shouts will sound again! the band have reformed for a special show to launch the release of ‘The Complete and Utter!’ on June 17th at their local, the Tap ‘n’ Tin in Chatham, Kent.

The Complete & Utter! will be available on June 14th

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