Sine Star Project – Blue Born Earth Boy (CD Review)

Sine Star Project, led by multi-instrumentalist Peter J Croissant, release a debut album that is rich with layers of rock, soaring vocals and touches of prog extravagance that create a very dramatic and theatrical experience. It is an ambitious project and grand in every aspect.

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‘Blue Born Earth Boy’ also has a very intimate feel – it envelops the listener and the whimsical vocals are warmly delivered with a sometimes overplayed emotion. Throughout this album there are nods to the past, their edges blurred and their effects sometimes unexpected. This is certainly an interesting album and it will definately divide people on its worth.

Label : One Little Indian

Release Date : 06 February 2006

Website :


  • Blood Light
  • Open Your Eyes
  • Strange Girl
  • Blue Born Earth Boy
  • Bullet
  • Born Anxious
  • Wolf Liver
  • Down Under
  • Green Man

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