Simon Bookish – Terry Riley Disco (CD Review)

Like some kind of musical superhero Leo Chadburn spends his days as a librarian (where he is presumably mild mannered) but by night his alter ego flourishes and he becomes electro star Simon Bookish. This ode to Terry Riley starts with a judder and flourish of electro church organ before becoming a solid electro pop track that wouldn’t seem out of place slap bang in the middle of the Eighties.

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There are several remixes available; Capitol K both warps the sounds the beats and adds Avalanches like samples throughout. Fashion Flo beef up the beats nicely for the dancefloor while Max Tundra takes apart the track and reassembles it in a fractious form.

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Label : Playlouderecordings

Release Date : 27 March 2006

Website :


  • Terry Riley Disco (original)
  • Terry Riley Disco (Capitol K remix)
  • Terry Riley Disco (Fashion Flo remix)
  • Terry Riley Disco (Max Tundra remix)

Simon Bookish is Leo Chadburn

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