Sigur Ros – Glósóli (Download Review)

If there is one thing Icelandic types do well, then it has to be ambience. Their gift for the ethereal is seemingly innate. Sigur Ross are no exception to this. ‘Glósóli’ has wafts of sound, that can be hard to place as any instrument in particular, running below the sweeping sounds of the falsetto vocals. That is before the last third of the song kicks in with an almightly repeated crashing which builds from nothing into a furious intensity before dissapating into nothing again. It is reminiscent of the most beautiful soundscape, imagine Múm throwing a hissy fit or M83 duetting with Clannad and you may get there mentally. ‘Glósóli’ is taken from the new Sigur Ros album ‘Takk…’, due out on September 12.

Buy Takk… from
Buy Takk… from

Label : EMI

Release Date : 15 August 2005

Website :

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