Serena Maneesh – Drain Cosmetics (Download Review)

The dark sounds of Norwegian bluesy psych-rockers Serena Maneesh have built on a following from their blistering live shows and their eponymous debut (on Honey Milk Records). They have the lo-fi magnificence of the early indie sounds of Jesus & Mary Chain, House of Love and Joy Division with the clash of jarring guitars, throbbing bass, pounding beats and lyrics that float above all. Frankly, they are bloody brilliant!

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Label : Playlouderecordings

Release Date : 13 February 2006

Website :

Serena Maneesh are Emil Nikolaisen, Hilma Nikolaisen, Lina Holmström, Eivind Schou, Sondre Tristan Midttun, Einar Lukerstuen, Tommy Akerholdt and Øystein Sandsdalen

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