SchwaB – No Balls (CD Review)

SchwaB have been making tracks that combine a credible blues rock authenticity and yet have a dance edge that is irresistible for a while now. ‘No Balls’ is their third single (following on from ‘Little Beats’ and ‘Bland Band Boogie’) and the combination still works wonders. Both ‘No Balls’ and the b-side ‘Burning Skull’ have an effortlessly magical funk to them; it is the foundation that the solid guitars and classic blues sound of the vocals use build themselves up to incredible heights.

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Fans will be glad to know that the debut album from SchwaB will be out later this year. I know I want for Christmas.

Label : Foundation

Release Date : 25 October 2004

Website :

Video : (Scroll down)


  • No Balls
  • Burning Skull
  • No Balls [Video]

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