SchwaB – Bland Band Boogie

A couple of years of touring has armed SchwaB with a fiery & furious funked up rock at their disposal, and the will to use it. ‘Bland Band Boogie’, recorded with Liam Watson (White Stripes) at his Toerag Studios, is electric, vibrant and addictive rock that screams like a banshee and grooves with the best of them. The B-side, ‘DJs In A Row’, listens like a mash up of James Brown funk, classic Motown and frantic blues-rock and I defy any of you not to love it. If SchwaB are not setting the world alight in ’04 it will be a sadder year for it.

Keep your eyes peeled because SchwaB are to release their, as yet untitled, debut album next year. Label : p&c Foundation Records

Release Date : 24 November 2003


  • Bland Band Boogie
  • DJs In A Row

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