Scarlet Soho – Modern Radio (CD Review)

The hard working Scarlet Soho have chosen a fine track from their debut full length ‘Divisions of Decency’ as the latest single. The duo (ex-trio) have been touring extensively around the UK of late and the dynamic and passionate stage show is building a legion of fans in their wake.

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‘Modern Radio’ is the kind of passion fuelled electro-synth rock that fans of Scarlet Soho will know well. The New-New Romanticism they invoke both Orwellian dystopias and electro dancefloor energy. The single is backed with the more industrial dub sound of ‘Fibre Optic’ which coincidentally could have been slipped onto the latest Gorillaz album with no difficulty. The reggae pace and jagged guitars accelerate to the crashing chorus with practiced skill. Why Scarlet Soho are not crashing up the charts I don’t know.

You can buy this single direct from Human Recordings by visiting their shop (Click here for the Human shop).

Label : Human

Release Date : 30 May 2005

Website :


  • Modern Radio
  • Fibre Optic

Scarlet Soho are Jim Knights (vocals, guitars, keyboards and programming) and Scarlet (bass, keyboards, programming).

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