Scarlet Soho – Isolation EP

The latest single from Scarlet Soho sees them on fine form yet again. Jim, Lee and Scarlet, as Scarlet Soho, create rock music fused with glitchy electronica and a touch of the eighties. The lead track, ‘Isolation’, is a great example – Jim’s swooping vocals sit alongside the beats, expansive guitars and keyboard sounds that pay homage to the New Romantics. The single also contains the touching torch song ‘Tried, Tested and Failed’ and a final storming number called ‘Useless’.

Although the release date is a month away from the time of writing, this single is available to buy ahead of time through Scarlet Soho’s label Human Recordings [].

Scarlet Soho will be releasing their debut album this summer.

Label : Human Recordings

Release Date : 15 March 2004

Website : |


  • Isolation
  • Tried, Tested And Failed
  • Useless
  • Isolation [Video]

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