Scarlet Soho – Divisions Of Decency (CD Review)

Scarlet Soho’s debut album is the charged electro-rock culmination of their persistent touring and the brace of previously singles (‘Disconnected’ and ‘Isolation’, both included here). The mix of overarching synths and vocals against the vibrant and persistent beats and bass works magic in conjuring dystopian imagery and a retro-futuristic sound not heard since the height of eighties electro.

Although there is an air of darkness about the album a balance is maintained by the energy that pulses throughout the tracks. From the abstracts that bookend the album through the cries of ‘We Must Destroy’ to the defiant ‘City Behaviour’ this collection is deeply satisfying.


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A tiny disk of plastic and metal, no matter how great, can never hope to replace the power of a live Scarlet Soho show and if you are lucky you can get yourself into the one of the remaining dates in the latest tour.

  • 10 December – The White Horse, High Wycombe
  • 16 December – Union Chapel, London
  • 19 December – Railway Inn, Winchester

Label : Human Recordings

Release Date : 29 November 2004

Website :

Producer: Justin Callaway (Delays)


  1. Abstract Composition Part 1
  2. We Must Destroy
  3. Modern Radio
  4. Skin Trade
  5. Procreation: Self Abuse
  6. Reveal
  7. Programmed To Perfection
  8. Disconnected
  9. Isolation
  10. City Behaviour
  11. (‘Hidden’ Track) Abstract Composition Part 2

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