Scarlet Soho – Disconnected

The title track Disconnected (or di.sco.nne.cte..d as it is on the cover) has Jims vocals screaming with heartfelt pain over Lee and Scarlet‘s pure 80’s electropop backing. It’s fantastic. This is the music that New Order would love to be making – If they diched Sumner, drafted JDB from the Manics and regained their passion and verve.
Classic metal guitars herald the second track, No Reception. This one siezes your hand and forces you to turn up the stereo. It’s a punk elecrtronica thrill ride that finishes way too soon. City Behavior makes me think what Ladytron would be like without the teutonic overtones or random technology refernces, but with guiars and passionate vocals.

Scarlet Soho have energy, ability and good tunes in spades.

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Label : Vivid Records

Release Date : 14 October 2002

Website :


  • Disconnected
  • No Reception
  • City Behavior
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