Sarah Nixey – Sing, Memory. (CD Review)

Sing, MemorySarah Nixey, as with the much of the material recorded with Black Box Recorder, has produced an album of superficially light and euphoric songs, but with closer inspection a dark underbelly is revealed. This album is something to sing into and lounge in absolute relaxation to, some gin and a box of chocolates may creep in as well.

Sarah’s voice is still as breathy, velvety smooth and topped off with clipped posh pronunciation as ever. If you were a fan of BBR then you’ll know what to expect.

“Sing, Memory.” is an electro-pop melodrama that unfolds slowly and purposefully. I was concerned, as anyone is when solo projects come out, that I’d be disapointed – That is very much not the case, I am
glad to say.

Label: ServiceAV Records
Release Date: 19 February 2007


1. Sing (prelude)
2. When I’m Here With You
3. Beautiful Oblivion
4. Strangelove (sing version)
5. Hotel Room
6. Nothing On Earth
7. Nightshift

8. Memory (prelude)
9. The Collector
10. Breathe In, Fade Out
11. Endless Circles
12. The Man I knew
13. Masquerade
14. Love and Exile
15. The Black Hit of Space

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2 thoughts on “Sarah Nixey – Sing, Memory. (CD Review)

  1. hi there,
    thanks for the great review – the title is wrong though…
    also the label is ServiceAV (the catalogue no is figment07.)
    many thanks

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