RSJ – Blueprint For A Brighter Future (CD Review)

Since forming in 2002, RSJ have played 75 gigs. They have also drunk 268 cans of soft drink, broken 5 mic stands and smoked 1532 cigarettes while travelling to and from those gigs. You can find these and many other interesting statistics on the band’s website.


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It’s not all stats though, there’s a whole host of information about one of the heaviest UK metal bands to emerge for a long time. The four tracks on this EP are unrelenting in their mission to knacker your speakers. The riffs come thick and fast and Dan C screams so hard you can almost hear the chunks of flesh flying out of his throat.

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Label: Hangmans Joke
Release date: 6th December 2004


  1. Reborn
  2. Dredger
  3. Delusions Of Popularity
  4. Snort The Flame 2004
  5. Reborn (video)
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