Royksopp – Royksopp’s Night Out – Live EP (CD Review)

A flavour of the live Royksopp experience is offered in this selection of tracks recorded in November of last year in Oslo. Sevin and Torbjorn bring songs from their previous two albums and a cover of Queens of the Stoneage’s ‘Go With The Flow’. The vibe is completely uplifting, the spirit is warm and the energy is compelling as the vocals soar above the solid beats and euphoric synths.

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The live vocals, from the original vocalists, add a great amount of heart and soul to the album. It is easy to get lost in reverie and propelled into motion from the opening note to the final mass applause. If you were lucky enough to be there or want to virtually experience a great set then this is a must.Label : Wall of Sound

Release Date : 03 July 2006

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  • What Else Is There
  • Only This Moment
  • Remind Me
  • Sparks
  • Poor Leno (Instanbul Forever Take)
  • Go Away
  • Alpha Male
  • Go With The Flow
  • Teppefall
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