Royal City – Little Heart’s Ease

Royal City have returned with an album that is a worthy sequel to last years debut ‘Alone At The Microphone’. Before, during and since that album was recorded Royal City have spent most of their time touring their native Canada and the US.

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‘Little Heart’s Ease’ is mellow, thoughtful and mostly acoustic rock. They bring together elements of blues, country and gentle folk. All of these are broken occasionally by frantic episodes that make for tumultuous and effective crescendos. All of the tracks on this album have a full and rounded feel, they are considered, measured and touching representations of emotion and experience. It is the lyrics and vocals from Aaron Riches that stand out; they combine a frailty and an emotional depth that draws the listener in, so as to share the stories more intimately.

Royal City are bringing their well honed live show to the UK towards the end of June.

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  • 21 June – London, Water Rats
  • 22 June – Liverpool, The Magnet
  • 23 June – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
  • 24 June – Leeds, Brundell Social Club
  • 25 June – Manchester, TBC
  • 26 June – Bristol, Cube Cinema
  • 27 June – TBC
  • 28 June – Brighton, Komedia
  • 29 June – Birmingham, Jug of Ale
  • 30 June – London, Arts Café

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Label : Rough Trade/Three Gut Records

Release Date : 07 June 2004

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  • Bring My Father A Gift
  • Jerusalem
  • She Will Come
  • Count The Days
  • Can’t You
  • Cabbage Rolls
  • My Body Is Numbered
  • Beauty
  • Ain’t That The Way
  • That My Head Were A Spring Of Water
  • Enemy
  • Take Me Down To Yonder River

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