Royal City – Alone At The Microphone

‘Alone At The Microphone’ is the award winning album by Canada’s Royal City. Singer Aaron Riches, backed by Lonnie James, Jim Guthrie and Simon Osborne create vibrant and complexly interwoven sounds that sets toes-a-tapping and heads-a-nodding before you know it. Saying that, they are just as engaging on the tracks that are sparsely played (‘Blood And Faeces’ and ‘Rum Tobacco’ for example). They have a familiar ease combined with a lyrical darkness that is sung without venom but still packs a punch. There are numbers like ‘Bad Luck’, ‘You Are The Vine’ and ‘Dank Is The Air Of Death And Loathing’ that are reminiscent of Pere Ubu, while tracks like ‘Under A Hollow Tree’ have a traditional country folk feel to them.

Label : Rough Trade Records

Release Date : 5 May 2003


  • Bad Luck
  • Under A Hollow Tree
  • My Brother Is The Meatman
  • Spacey Basement
  • Dank Is The Air Of Death And Loathing
  • Don’t You
  • You Are The Vine
  • Daisies
  • Blood And Faeces
  • Rum Tobacco
  • And Miriam Took A Timbrel In Her Hand

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