Rough Trade Shops: Counter Culture 1976 (CD Review)

Rough Trade Shops - Counter Culture 1976An eclectic mix of styles and a good variety of well known favourites and slightly more obscure tracks combine to create this nostalgic record of 1976.

Highlights include the upbeat punk of the Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop, the beginnings of new-wave pop in Blondie’s X-Offender and the irresistable cheesiness of Candi Staton’s disco classic Young Hearts Run Free. Rough Trade’s trademark originality and quirkiness is evident in the obscurity of tracks such as Bicarbonate of Chicken by Ivor Cutler (just weird) and the somewhat painful version of the Stones classic satisfaction being slowly but brutally murdered by The Residents.

As a historic reference it seems to broadly document the diverse music of the time which in turn offers a relatively balanced commentary on the politics and sociology of the year when the sparks between the punk and reggae scenes were just beginning to fly. However, as a compilation, a collection of songs and a composition as a whole, I can’t think of an occasion when I would feel like putting this CD into my hi-fi and sitting back to enjoy it. It’s just too disparate. Having said that, it would still be a nice thing to own, rather like a reference book to dip into now and again as opposed to a novel to get stuck into.

Betweenplanets Carrie
Label: Rough Trade
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Release Date: 29 January 2006


Keys To Your Heart – The 101’ers
X-Offender – Blondie
So It Goes – Nick Lowe
New Rose – The Damned
(I’m) Stranded – The Saints
Wolf And Leopard – Dennis Brown reggae
Come A Long Way – Kate & Anna McGarrigle hippy folk
Pissing In A River – The Patti Smith Group
Hugebaby – Penguin Cafe Orchestra
Stretchin’ Out (In A Rubber Band) – Bootsy Collins
Bicarbonate Of Chicken – Ivor Cutler
Croaking Lizard – The Upsetters
An Harangue – Art & Language And Red Crayola
Teenage Confidential – The Flamin’ Groovies
Psycho Daisies – The Slickee Boys
Burned My Eye – Radio Birdman
Blitzkrieg Bop – The Ramones
Back To Africa – Aswad
Satisfaction – The Residents
Young Hearts Run Free – Candi Staton
Step Right Up – Tom Waits
Conquering Dub – Yabba You

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