Roots Manuva – Alternately Deep

Roots Manuva’s Awfully Deep album was a great piece of work and one that justifiably took his career to another level. It was (and is) a great album that proved Manuva to be completely separate from all of his contemporaries. The quality of the tracks on that album, it turns out, is down to the fact that the best part of thirty were recorded before being whittled down to the final fourteen.

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  • And so here we have the rest, all the tracks that were rejected from Awfully Deep. Unfortunately, for the most part is quite clear why they were rejected and even though there are some okay moments, overall this is a really bad album.

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    Label: Big Dada
    Release date: 13th March 2006


    1. No Love
    2. Seat Yourself (Miami Mix)
    3. Double Drat
    4. Nobody’s Dancing
    5. Things We Do
    6. Check It (remix)
    7. Get U High
    8. Colossal Insight (Jammer remix & revox)
    9. Mean Street
    10. Pep My Game
    11. QuaThe World Is Mine (Plan B studio version)
    12. Grown Man

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