Roger – This Is The Shit (CD Review)

Roger is a collection of maybe 13 people who clearly have a deep love of funk, hip-hop, psychedelia, their own egos, acid and (judging from the album cover) Star Trek. Contained in these nine tracks, some of which make Isaac Hayes seem concise, are rolling Parliament style funk extravaganzas that are very heavy on the bass and samples but very light on mental stability.

This album contains a mixture of live tracks and also the recent single from Roger, ‘Hot Fuddge’.

I was fully prepared for a truly awful experience when I pressed play, which just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a CD by its (bloody awful) cover. As it is, I am pleasantly surprised.

Label : Head Heritage Records

Release Date : 01 November 2004

Website :


  • Overture
  • Mütherfocker
  • Ramm It Home
  • Fonk Hammer
  • Hot Fuddge
  • Clapp Your Fockin’ Hands
  • Die Bäby Die
  • Roger Loves Yoü
  • Fonk Wars

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