Richard X – You Used To

‘You Used To’, as with much of the rest of Mr X’s songs, sounds like high energy eighties pop fare. It positively screams Chaka Khan at you from the first note. So, if you have fond memories of her, are too young to have heard this kind of thing the first time round or are a rabid pop consumer then this is a late Christmas present just for you.

Far more interesting is the B-side. Jarvis begins singing, in slow dramatic style, before something unbelievable happens and the sweet bedtime drawl of Hope Sandoval appears. The samples are from ‘Fade Into You’ by Mazzy Star (a record it is impossible to say enough good things about) and its inclusion in the bizarrely brilliant ‘Into U’ makes this a single well worth buying.

Label : Virgin

Release Date : 12 January 2004

Website :

Tracklisting CD1

  • You Used To (Radio Edit)
  • Into U (Winter Version) feat. Jarvis Cocker

Tracklisting CD2

  • You Used To (Single Version)
  • You Used To (Extended Pleasures Of…)
  • The Great Soprendo

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