Reuben – Freddy Kreuger

It has been eight months since the last single release from Reuben. Eight months. Bare in mind this band had set themselves up for greatness with a couple of great singles and some very well received live shows. Then eight months of nothing. Potentially that could end their career in these fickle times.

Luckily for Reuben, their songs are so strong that they stick around in your mind. With any luck, they’ll just pick up where they left off without anyone noticing. Freddy Kreuger should be more than enough to see this through and with an album (Racecar Is Racecar Backwards) not far behind it this band are placing their stamp on the UK rock scene once again, making sure everyone knows who’s boss.

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Label: Xtra Mile
Release date: 31st May 2004


  • Freddy Kreuger
  • Once
  • Glitterskin
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