Redjetson – New General Catalogue (CD Review)

Dragging behind them comparisons to Interpol, Joy Division, Elbow, Six By Seven and Mogwai, Redjetson hit the world with their debut album, New General Catalogue. A mixture of musical and emotional intensity, you cannot fail to sit up and take notice of this CD.


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This Essex sextet weave their way from softly quiet to epically loud and through a huge range of emotions across the eleven tracks and encompass in it a song writing style that sets them apart from all the bands they are compared to.

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Label: Drowned In Sound
Release date: 24th January 2005


  1. Divorce
  2. Stay Comfortable
  3. This Every Day, For The Rest Of Your Life
  4. This City Moans
  5. …The Sky Is Breaking
  6. New Europe
  7. A Reptile, Cold Blood
  8. Wednesday’s Rival
  9. Perseverance Works
  10. America Is Its Only Friend
  11. Pieces Go Missing

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