Raw Bud vs Roni Size feat Sweetie Irie – Rise Up (CD Review)

Raw Bud (who used to trade under the name Dub War and Skindread) came up with an idea while boozing in Wales. That idea was that Roni Size’s ‘Rise Up’ could be successfully reworked in a punk rock style. After acquiring master tapes of the track and releasing a 7″ that sold out almost instantly there was a buzz created that resulted in Roni Size hearing the track. Roni saw that the mix was great and agreed to back the re-release of the single. He got the buy in of Sweetie Irie, who appears on the original track, and now the wider world is set to hear what is, apparently, the world’s first punk rock remix of a drum n bass track.

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The track itself is in the same style as Monk & Canatella’s ‘Enter The Monk…’ as well as songs by Tricky, Blacksmoke, Death From Above 1979, Asian Dub Foundation and Pop Will Eat Itself. There is the relentless stomp that you’d expect from drum n bass and the addition of guitars that chug, twang, crash and blaze their way at the tune are fantastic. It is a debatable point as to the ‘punkness’ of the punk mix; it is more metal to my mind (and not any worse for that). Not since Anthrax and Public Enemy reinvented ‘Bring Tha Noize’ has there been a rock/dance crossover that will be gracing the collections of serious metalers and bassheads alike.

As well as a reworked ‘Rise Up’ there is a twisted incarnation of ‘Bump n Grind’ in the shape of ‘Party Time’. The track is in the same mould and is easily as effective. The Nightbreed remix brings more of the drum n bass back in, using the guitars for a breather between blasts of dance floor energy. On the CD you get the original bootleg that spawned all this activity, it is a bit dirtier than the anti-mix but that suits the guitars well. For reference you get to hear Roni Size’s original as well; in contrast it actually sounds sparse and subdued.

There is a full length album in the pipeline, which should be a wonder to behold.

Label : Runnin Riot

Release Date : 25 April 2005

Website : www.runninriot.co.uk

Tracklisting by Format


  • Rise Up (Raw Bud punk rock anti-mix)
  • Party Time (Raw Bud punk rock anti-mix)


  • Rise Up (Roni Size Original)
  • Rise Up (Original Raw Bud punk rock anti-mix)
  • Rise Up (Nightbreed ‘Book Of Shadows’ Remix)


  • Rise Up (Raw Bud punk rock anti-mix)
  • Party Time (Raw Bud punk rock anti-mix)
  • Rise Up (Nightbreed ‘Book Of Shadows’ Remix)
  • Rise Up (Original Raw Bud Bootleg Mix)
  • Rise Up (Roni Size Original)
  • Rise Up [VIDEO]

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