Rate Of Depress – Bleach The Sky

The vocal line of the verse of the first track on this album (D.O.A.) is identical
Loco by Coal Chamber (the music isn’t far off either). Once you’ve realised
that (and it was nothing less than instantaneous) it’s hard not to have the
view of even the most impartial person tainted. It’s a shame really because
bits of this album are actually quite good but I can’t get Coal Chamber out
of my head. It’s like having sex with somewhere who’s wearing a t-shirt with
a picture of your mum on it.

The best way to sum up Bleach The Skies is to say that Rate Of Depress have
taken the riffs of late nineties nu-metal and made them harder. It’s hardly
a revolution. With is have come all the lyrical clichés and musical misgivings
that should have died at the turn of the century.

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Label: Casket Music
Websites: www.rateofdepress.com |
Release date: 19 April 2004


  • D.O.A.
  • Because You’re Mine
  • Garden Of Roses
  • Bleach The Sky
  • Two Steps From Paradise
  • Rise
  • Why I Can’t Sleep
  • When A Fad Becomes Fatal
  • Familiar Faces
  • Disleksick
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