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Mike and Evan, collectively known as Ratatat, are a pleasant surprise. Since 2001 they have been making music from their Brooklyn apartment. Mike, an accomplished guitarist, has toured all over with the likes of Ben Kweller and Dashboard Confessional. Evan, performing as E*Vax, released music on the Audio Dregs record label his brother runs. Together they have made a bright and engaging album of dance music.

The album is slow and easy, without ever being tediously monged. It draws you in, having an intricacy all of its own. The Ratatat sound is one of delicacy and, more importantly, fun. That is what the squeezed synths, drawn out guitars and languid beats that Ratatat give us combine to make; an album of hugely enjoyable tunes. This is true from the opening guitars and squealing keyboards of ‘Seventeen Years’ to the lazy summer refrains of ‘Cherry’.

Label : XL Recordings

Release Date : 19 April 2004

Website : www.ratatatmusic.com


  • Seventeen Years
  • El Pico
  • Crips
  • Desert Eagle
  • Everest
  • Bustelo
  • Breaking Away
  • Lapland
  • Germany To Germany
  • Spanish Armada
  • Cherry

Ratatat is made up of Mike Stroud & Evan Mast.

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