Radio 4 – Stealing Of A Nation

Radio 4 return with a follow up to the brilliant “Gotham!” (2002) that proves they are no flash in the pan. Radio 4 have a sound combining experimental funk and disco grooves as well as rock guitars into songs that can be as politically charged as the most angry punk or as hedonistic as the most vibrant dance. Add in a little reggae, new wave and anything else from them melting pot of music that takes their fancy and you have some uniquely brilliant tunes. ‘Stealing Of A Nation’ manages to capture the infectious rock/rave atmosphere from their live shows with ease. This may be in part due to the inclusion of P.J. O’Connor (percussionist) and Gerard Garone (on keyboards) from the live line up in the writing and recording. This album certainly takes the Radio 4 sound to a new level.

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Starting off with the first single to be taken from the album, ‘Party Crashers’ with its throbbing bass and scream along chorus, the album never loses focus or direction. They are a band with things to say, but they are also a band who doesn’t want to bore you to tears with it; they want you to have as good a time as they are.

Label : City Slang

Release Date : 13 September 2004

Website :

Video Links : ‘Absolute Affirmation’


  • Party Crashers
  • Transmission
  • State Of Alert
  • Fra Type 1 & 2
  • The Death Of American Radio
  • Nation
  • No Reaction
  • Absolute Affirmation
  • (Give Me All Your) Money
  • Shake The Foundation
  • Dismiss The Sound
  • Coming Up Empty

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