Radio 4 – Gotham! (Archive Review)

New York’s Radio 4 create an unnatural mix of punk attitude, soul beats, funky bass and buzzing guitars. ‘Gotham!’ sums up the discopunk for me with the chilled out yet menacingly edged tracks like ‘Pipe Bombs’ and ‘Speaking In Codes’, the pure dance vibe of numbers like ‘Dance To The Underground’ and ‘End Of The Rope’ topped off by the energy of their angry siblings like ‘New Disco’ and ‘Our Town’. Radio 4 are inventive, cramming the rough and the smooth together in every song.


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This reissue of the debut album by Radio 4 also comes with contains an additional disk of excellent remixes, additional tracks and the video for ‘Dance To The Underground’. If you missed this the first time round then you have no excuse not to get it now. If you got it already then the additional remixes are well worth having, so buy it again.

Label : City Slang

Release Date : 25 August 2003

Website :


  • Our Town
  • Start A Fire
  • Eyes Wide Open
  • Dance To The Underground
  • Struggle
  • Calling All Enthusiasts
  • Save Your City
  • Speaking In Codes
  • Certain Tragedy
  • The Movies
  • End Of The Rope
  • Pipe Bombs
  • New Disco

  • Bonus CD

  • Sink So Low
  • Dance To The Underground (Prance Mix By The Faint)
  • Dance To The Underground (Playgroup Remix)
  • Struggle (Adrian Sherwood/Mark Stewart Mutant Disco Dub Mix)
  • Caroline
  • Dance To The Underground (DFA Remix)
  • Dance To The Underground Video by Matt Bass

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