Radio 4 – Absolute Affirmation

I have no qualms in saying this is a fantastic single. Radio 4 have been expertly blending punk attitude, power and politics with house and electronica to great effect since the explosive ‘Dance To The Underground’ was released. They have not stopped since and ‘Absolute Affirmation’ is excellent example.

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Of the remixes available the top prize goes to Si Begg’s (rather misnamed as it has vocals) Instrumental Club Mix that twists the bass line to an awesome degree creating an even more forceful vision of the track.

Having recently been hugely impressed with their live set at Reading Festival I can say that they throw a first class gig, bringing all their energy to bear on the audience and not letting you flag for a second.

Label : City Slang/Labels UK

Release Date : 06 September 2004

Website :

Tracklisting CD 1 – Buy Absolute Affirmation [CD 1] from Amazon

  • Absolute Affirmation
  • National Trust

Tracklisting CD 2 – Buy Absolute Affirmation [CD 2] from Amazon

  • Absolute Affirmation (Album Verison)
  • Absolute Affirmation (Tom Middleton’s Cosmos Mix)
  • Absolute Affirmation (Si Begg’s Instrumental Club Mix)
  • Absolute Affirmation (Tom Middleton’s Cosmos Dub Mix)
  • Absolute Affirmation (Si Begg’s Fragmented Mix)

Tracklisting Ltd. 7″

  • Absolute Affirmation
  • Our Leaders Run

Radio 4 are:

    Anthony Roman (vocals/bass/keyboard)
    Greg Collins (drums/percussion)
    Tommy Williams (vocals/guitar)
    Gerard Garone (keyboards)
    P.J. O’Connor (percussion)
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