Quit Your Dayjob – Quit Your Dayjob

Quit You Dayjob purvey a special kind of synth punk, with tracks that rarely break one and a half minutes and feature lyrics comprising little more than the song title repeated over and over again.

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  • The stand out track here is Look! A Dollar, which shows off the band’s underlying musical talent to it’s fullest.

    This is about as strange as a punk band can get, though it sounds almost like Quit Your Dayjob aren’t even trying. Brilliant.

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    Label: Bad Taste Records
    Website: www.quityourdayjob.org
    Release date: 28th February 2005


    1. Freaks Are Out
    2. Coconut
    3. Look! A Dollar
    4. Tanktop
    5. Wasted
    6. Pigs From Hell
    7. Mike Fast
    8. Iron Fist

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