Pretty Girls Make Graves – – Elan Vital (CD Review)

I must confess to being ignorant of PGMG. I had (completely incorrectly) lumped them in with the insipid Emo scene that I have grown to loath – my punishment is the knowledge that I have missed out on a real art rock treat. The good news is that I can enjoy it all now. ‘Elan Vital’ is (it says here) a step down in angular and screaming punk due to medical advice on the affect it was having on Andrea Zollo’s vocal chords. This calming down has not made these guys and gals into a folk troupe by any means as the choppiness of guitar, explosive noise and aggressively fun tunes are still clearly in evidence.

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There is a a little pop-goth in their ghostly vocals but the strong bass and brash guitars are pure art rock. The whole album sounds accomplished and unreserved with the intensity of a soundscape artist, the catchiness of a pure pop act while the whole sound remains innovative and brightly attention seeking – in the nicest way.

Label : Matador

Release Date : 10 April 2006

Website :



  • The nocturnal house [4:06]
  • Pyrite pedestal [3:28]
  • The number [3:12]
  • Parade [2:42]
  • Domino [3:41]
  • – interlude – [1:20]
  • The magic hour [3:17]
  • Selling the wind [3:56]
  • Pearls on a plate [3:48]
  • Pictures of a night scene [2:54]
  • Wildcat [3:12]
  • Bullet charm [6:44]
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