Plan B – NO GOOD / Sick 2 DEF (CD Review)

Ben Drew, aka Plan B, has an undoubtedly new sound. Like many new sounds this is a fusion of genres that used to be a traditional dividing line between tastes; in this case we are talking coarse urban rapping and an acoustic guitar with percussion courtesy of Cassell The Beatmaker. Sometimes the music has the feel of an unplugged version of a rock song while at other times there is an air of folk about it. Throughout, Ben raps his tales of death, necrophilia, anger and deep unresolved confusion about life in urban Britain. Plan B’s lyrics are apparently not autobiographical but instead are based on a combination of the news and tales he has heard; this leads to everything being both confrontational and extreme scenarios.

But does it work?

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The raps are certainly fluid and the backing works well. The one thing that leaves me cold is the content of the lyrics. I have no problem with the swearing, and I am not overly bothered by the brutality and dystopian pictures sometimes presented; what left me cold was the lack of positivity, the air of ‘Life is shit’ and that’s it.

Plan B is working on his album at the moment, and it should be a very interesting listen – I only hope there is more depth to his rants.

Label : 679

Release Date : 19 December 2005

Website :


  • SICK 2 DEF (Acoustic)

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