Pitchshifter – P.S.I.entology (DVD Review)

Pitchshifter may have split last year but you’d be hard pushed to notice with a compilation of live tracks and remixes out and now this DVD. There’s also the little matter of a seven date tour the band are embarking on to promote P.S.I.entology.

The birth of the Digital Versatile Disc spawned a great many “special” compilations like this one. Mostly they feature a boring live show, a handful of uninteresting videos and a few bits and bobs to cynically placate fans. Pitchshifter were never that kind of band though and a lot of effort has clearly gone into putting this together.

Much of the material comes from videos and CD’s that were hanging around the abnd’s houses. The main feature is a hometown gig in Nottingham, which completely captures the feel of being at one of their shows (and reminded me why I saw them so many times in the late 90’s).

After you’ve enjoyed that you can move on to the extras: a collection of previoiusly unreleased remixes; interviews; backstage and studio footage; Pitchshifter videos with commentary from JS Clayden; video and audio from some of the bands Pitchshifter members have moved on to – Doheny, This Is Menace, The Blueprint and The Drawback; plus an extensive photo gallery, discography and Pitchshifter family tree. There are some easter eggs too but the ones I’ve found weren’t really worth mentioning.

If this is the last we ever hear or see of Pitchshifter then it stands as a great reminder of how much they did for the UK alternative scene in a career that lasted over a decade.

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Label: P.S.I. Records
Website: www.psirecords.com
Release date: 11th October 2004


  • Live In Nottingham
  • Audio: The Unheard Mixes
  • The Making Of The P.S.I. Album
  • Genius, Shutdown & Hidden Agenda videos
    Plus Doheny – Drive Me, This Is Menace – Dead Man, The Blueprint – Sans Chorus & The Drawback – Grand Banks
  • Backstage At The London Astoria
  • Photogallery
  • Discography
  • Pitchshifter Family Tree
  • Post Pitchshifter – interview with JS Clayden

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