Physical Graffiti – DVD Review

Physical Graffiti has long been considered a cult classic and it’s release on DVD is sure to boost its popularity further and find a brand new group of fans.

Narrated by Jim Rose, this 45 minute documentary is an unflinching look at people who take their lifestyles to the extreme and gradually delves further and further into the underground. Initially it appears to be a film simply about extreme sports and some of the more exuberant characters in the various scenes like Jamie Thomas, Christian Fltcher, Seth Enslow, Shaun Palmer and Jason Jesse; then tattoos and piercings start to creep in and, as the sports become more extreme, so to do the forms of body modification.

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Let’s just get it all out of the way now, here’s what you can expect to see: tattooing, piercing (including “nozzleing,” a piercing which goes through both nostrils and the septum with one bar), implants (including a guy with rivets in his head), home surgery, nailing a scrotum to a board, penis sub-incision and, for the finale, suspension, which sees two men hung from metal hooks through the skin on their backs.

All throughout the film the protagonists put forward their arguments for their choices, except Jason Jesse, who seems to hate everything (most of all his own tattoos). But If you’re having trouble stomaching what’s on screen, you can always shut your eyes and enjoy the soundtrack, which features the likes of Massive Attack, Tricky, Olive, Carcass and Alex Reece.

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Physical Graffiti is an excellent film that takes a brief but insightful view into several underground sub-cultures that most will never have any real exposure to. Even the guys from Jackass would shy away from much of this.

Label: Chilli Video
Release date: Out now

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