Organ Radio 21: This Is Why I Bookmarked You (CD Review)

It gets said a lot but it’s always worth saying again that many bands who have gone on to become household names, the likes of Sikth, lostprophets, My Vitriol, earthtone9, Breed 77 and many more, appeared first on an Org Radio compilation. The guys at Org certainly have an ear for bands that are about to bubble over.

This give you an added bonus when you buy this new compilation, the 21st in the series; not only do you get 16 tracks of what’s hot on the underground but chances are you’ll be able to annoy your friends by telling them how you heard these bands before they did.

Things kick off with some computer aided rock from twentysixfeet and 65daysofstatic, both of whom are excellent, giving the listener two epic sounding tunes. This wave is quickly cut into by the straight ahead loudness of The Kramers, Midasuno and I-Def-I. Then comes Suns Of The Tundra, formed by members of Peach – a band Tool cite as an influence.

Leisur Hive offer up some creeping, eerie sounds, which almost (but not quite) prepare you for the burst of unhinged noise pervaded by Suitable Case For Treatment. This band are fronted by an ex-circus performer, who howls, roars and jabbers his way through 9 minutes of genius with Dead Pigeon Teachers.

This makes for a tough act to follow but the pace of the compilation holds together with metal from Cubic Space Division, some dynamic-shifting rock from Caretaker and Thee More Shallows’ 2 AM, which is a glockenspiel driven affair similar to Grandaddy. Sludgy punk shoots out from punk legend John The Baker and his new band The Malnourished and hardcore sextet When Reason Sleeps prove that Wales is still the best place in the UK for that sort of thing.

The CD closes with three pieces of hard-edged US punk from Trouble Maker, The Sick and Everything Must Go. The latter present the title track from their recent Org EP, I Hate Music and will make your ears bleed. Fittingly, this compilation is perfect for anyone out there who hates music and doesn’t know why – it’s because you haven’t heard these bands.

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Label: Org Records
Release date: 31st January 2005


  1. twentysixfeet – Panic Drone
  2. 65daysofstatic – Hole
  3. The Kramers – Hey
  4. Midasuno – Taste The Virus
  5. I-Def-I – When Venus Sends Back a Rose
  6. Suns Of The Tundra – Bottlenecked
  7. Leisur Hive – Neck Decision
  8. Suitable Case For Treatment – Dead Pigeon Teachers
  9. Cubic Space Division – Silhouette
  10. Caretaker – Ennui
  11. Thee More Shallows – 2 AM
  12. John The Baker & The Malnourished – Crack Baby
  13. When Reason Sleeps – Words Can Kill
  14. Trouble Maker – Dirty Cop
  15. The Sick – Broken Ways
  16. Everything Must Go – I Hate Music

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